Chessed and Tzenius

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  1. barzilai says:

    I’ve always like the Shelah on the topic,
    עוד מעלה גדולה ונפלאה רמה ונשגבה הנכלל במדת הצניעות, הצנע לכת עם אלהיך היא מעלת התבודדות, שיתבודד האדם וישב בדד בד’ אמות של הלכה שלו סגור ומסוגר מן המקדש לא יצא, רצוני לומר מבית הקדושה שלו

  2. Shlomo Zalman says:

    1. What’s your source claiming that Sara Schenirer focused any less on the obligation for women to dress modestly than today’s Beis Yaakov’s focus on that obligation?

    2. Isn’t it a tad unusual for you, as being from outside the communities operating Beis Yaakov’s, to claim more authority in interpreting the original or current goals or intentions of the Beis Yaakov’s than members and faculties of Beis Yaakov’s?

    3. In the past quarter century the observance of tznius in dress by women among the more right-wing Orthodox communities that utilize the Beis Yaakov’s have notably weakened. This may explain and justify any greater focus on this obligation.

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