Da’as Rachamim Tif’eres

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  1. Neil Harris says:

    This was an amazing post. Thanks for providing not only the beautiful translation, but the passion within your written words.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Why would competitive sport be totally off-limits?

    • micha says:

      The person you would have to ask is no longer with us. I was presenting the spirit of the ideals, and less concerned with DNB’s application. Personally, I have seen how much my kids have grown in their interpersonal skills from team sports, from caring about their teammates to picking up an opposing player who was knocked to the floor in the scuffle.

      But Dr Birnbaum did give us hints about his intent, since he makes a single clause out of “competitive sport or gambling” and avoiding these are apparently an implementation of “refrain[ing] from any excesses or immodesty”. It is all one bullet item in his list.

      Did he dislike the competitive spirit? Or perhaps thought it forces people into the spotlight (“immodesty”)? What do you think?

      • Bob Miller says:

        I’m wondering if Dr. Birnbaum made distinctions between spectator sports and everyday formal or informal sports, or between spectators and participants.

        Also, a common thread between competitive sport (however he saw it) and gambling might be betting!

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