3×2 Constant Mitzvos

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  1. MP says:

    I’ve always connected the two “lo”s together, but I felt that the basics of emunah baH’ fit better with the basic yir’as H’, while the more-active yichud H’ fit better with the more-active ahavas H’.

    • micha says:

      I don’t want to play down what works for you, but maybe they should be out of sync. Yir’as Hashem, being about Transcendence, would therefore reside more in the brain, whereas ahavas Hashem and Immanence is more felt than thought.

      I touched on this in my post on Emunah Peshutah vs Machashavah. (That post is 7-½ years old already? Really? I’ve been blogging that long? Wow time flies…)

      Or not. I don’t think this is the kind of thing that has One True Answer.

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