Rav Wolbe’s World part II: Middos

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  1. June 28, 2016 – כ״ב בסיון תשע״ו

    […] Rabbi S. Wolbe proposed that we live in two worlds- one in which we are connected to others and one in which we are alienated.   Our connected world involves optimism, generosity, belief in the Supreme Being, love, and tranquility.  Not surprisingly, when we are alienated, we are angry, we exude resentment, feel anxiety and fear, etc. Obviously, if we are alienated, we can’t advise others to the best of our ability- which requires we feel love towards that person and optimistic that improvements and change will occur.  And, we can’t live in both worlds simultaneously. So, we need to be in touch with what we are feeling.  Are we in our connected world or our estranged world?  Are we feeling generous or resentful, loving or disputatious, optimistic or critical, tranquil or anxious?   Given those facts, we need to insure that we are in our connected world. Or, maybe not quite yet.  If someone has just reneged on our proposed $ 2 million contract, I doubt very much if we can let those negative feelings go.  (Oh, you can?  I never said I was the best person in the world.  I couldn’t and don’t.) […]

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