And the Path of the Moon at Night

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  1. > How does this relate to the comparison of the Jewish People to the moon

    Um, isn’t it obvious? I mean, blue and white, clearly a Zionist thing…

    • micha says:

      The Israeli flag has a complex history. But there is little question that the one we know would have won out over alternatives had David Wolfsohnn not assumed that the tallis had to be the basis of any flag of the Jew. And his tallis had blue stripes, a custom that emerged in memory of the lost tekheiles.

      As AL Frankel wrote in his poem “Judah’s Farben” back in 1865, 32 years before the official adoption of the flag at the first Zionist Congress (translated in full):

      When sublime feelings his heart fill,
      He is mantled in the colors of his country
      He stands in prayer, wrapped
      In a sparkling robe of white.

      The hems of the white robe
      Are crowned with broad stripes of blue;
      Like the robe of the High Priest,
      Adorned with bands of blue threads.

      These are the colors of the beloved country,
      Blue and white are the borders of Judah;
      White is the radiance of the priesthood,
      And blue, the splendors of the firmament.

      And so, there is a real connection between the Israeli flag and the blue of tzitzis and of the sky, Aharon’s sapphire staff and the first luchos (which were also sapphire), and the vision of sapphire paving stones under the Throne (a vision unifying the blue of the sky with the blue of the luchos) seen by the zeqeinim at Sinai.

  2. Having taught Rosh HaShanna three times and beginning the fourth, having heard many speakers attempting to simplify/clarify the sugyos, I know two things. First, modern man is oblivious to celestial phenomena. Classic examples from my talmidim- “you mean the sun doesn’t rise in the same place every day???” “You can not see the moon during the day!”
    Second- the quality of hasbara makes all the difference in the world, especially for the Kav HaTaarich.
    Your post is excellent, especially explaining that the moon moves across the sky more slowly than the sun.
    Yasher Koach.

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