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  1. abekohen says:

    So why does tuna require a mashgiach tmidi, or why doesn’t milk require it?

    • micha says:

      Abe: Asked like someone who didn’t read the post…

      “In the Arukh haShulchan’s analysis (YD 115:1-17) we have both issues:

      “1- Eliminating the risk of drinking milk that is adulterated with something that isn’t kosher.

      “2- A piece of rabbinic legislation that requires some kind of Jewish observation during milking….”

      An economy where cow milk is cheaper than anything treif the farmer might mix into it, and the farmer doesn’t raise non-kosher animals, #1 is taken care of without any mashgiach. Like beer — we don’t assume people randomly do things that could harm their own business. In the AhS’s formulation, you would still need to have someone Jewish stop by for part of the milking just to satisfy the terms of the legislation.

      Presumably the next time we have a Sanhedrin empowered to repeal laws, since the purpose of the rabbinic legislation became moot, they’ll do away with this one.

      • abekohen says:

        Micha, apparently the OU doesn’t pasken like Rav Moshe regarding tuna, using similar arguments to what you quote from the Arukh HaShulhan. Yet Blue Bell Ice Cream and Peanut Corporation of America show how greed enters into the equation. Agav, the OUs position that Bumble Bee has machines which will automatically reject fish that are not tuna, begs disbelief given the current state of machine learning / AI, and certainly was not feasible even a short while ago.

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