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Letter to RCA Membership – Glatt Yosher 0

Letter to RCA Membership – Glatt Yosher

The following letter was sent to RCA member rabbis: Dear Rabbonim Chashuvim, We know that, like us, you were sickened and embarrassed by the recent scenes of religious Jews being led off in handcuffs,...

How Should I Respond? 0

How Should I Respond?

When they gossip in Vilna, they desecrate Shabbos in Paris. – Rav Yisrael Salanter Some take Rav Yisrael Salanter’s causality to be metaphysical. I don’t think that fits R’ Yisrael’s general approach to life....

Natural Morality and Halakhah 0

Natural Morality and Halakhah

What’s the relationship between a human’s intuitive sense of what’s moral and halachic mandate? There is a tendency in some circles to describe the Torah as though halakhah was the sum total of the...

Be a Jew Through and Through 0

Be a Jew Through and Through

Another guest entry. The following was originally submitted to (but not picked up by) Hamodia. Rav Hirsch’s quoted words are clearly the predecessor of R’ Breuer’s talk on “Glatt Yoshor“, which was also posted...