Hagadah: Random Thought

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  1. micha says:

    Thanks, that’s beautiful. Goes a different direction than my “this is a cure / contrast”, making it more cosmic.

  2. The Last of The Telzers says:


    I very much like your comparison of the two forms of ze’aqah and tze’akah, however, the quote from Rambam seems difficult in light of this. Surely Rambam does not mean that in times of calamity, one should engage in wordless wail? Rather, one is to engage in tze’akah – expressive prayer – as defined by Rambam elsewhere (mitzvah d’orayso to pray when one is in need).

  3. micha says:

    TLOTZ: I am suggesting that shofar blowing is a kind of ze’aqah, which is why the Rambam lumps them together. Unlike musical instruments, which were played with singing accompaniment. And thus using shofar to show that ze’aqah is distinguished by being wordless.


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