Hoshin Plan

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  1. Neil Harris says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I am curious to see how target area #3 (Gemillus Chassadim) come into play. As much as I might learn mussar, for me it true effect is based on how I interact with those around me. Otherwise, I might as well be a hermit.

    • micha says:

      Gemilus chassadim could run to tzedaqah goals, patience goals, shalom bayis goals, parenting goals…

      In the last paragraph I note two things I think this tool will aid. To rephrase:
      1- Allowing the person to connect a mundain or routine activity to their current spiritual mission statement.
      2- Transforming cheshbon hanefesh by giving it a more explicit connection to the future, rather than keeping it a review of the past.

      In terms of the 2nd point, what I think makes this interesting is that it opens the door to cheshbon hanefesh broken out by goal, rather than by middah. Or perhaps some combination of the two. I haven’t actually had a full year of Spiritual Hoshin Planning — I just started the basics only 2 weeks ago (23 Tammuz, my birthday). I assume this post and the whole idea will evolve as I am more informed by experience.

  2. Barbara Grosh says:

    I gather you found the exercise worthwhile at the bank, or you wouldn’t be suggesting it here. I find that a little surprising, would like to know more.

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