Maharal, Derekh Chaim 1:2 (part 3) – Relationship ep. 3

(If you missed parts 1 or 2, see their posts in The Kloiz Aspaqlaria category.)

Thursday night (Mar 10th, 2022) 7pm EST we continued our study of Meharal, Derekh haChaim 1:2. Go to for links to the Zoom room, a link to join the WhatsApp group, to recordings of past shiurim, and the other posts like this one.

The resource sheet is on Sefaria at

EDIT: The shiur has been recorded:

Our first weeks at Zelmele’s Kloiz had lots of wonderful give and take, and many of us stayed on afterward for exciting discussions. (Which personally, I found quite informative.) Join us at The Kloiz this week!

The story so far:

TovInherent /
Relationship to Soul
Relationship to HashemRelationship to Others
Crowned KelimAronMizbeiach haZahavShulchan
Uncrowned KeilimMenorahMizbeiach NekhoshesKiyor
PillarsTorahAvodahGemilus Chasadim
Uprooting SinGilui ArayosAvodah ZaraShefichas Damim

There were also some interesting observations last week about how these relate. For example, for the Mabul, the Maharal shows how the generation abandoned all three pilars, engaging in idolatry, sexual immorality AND chamas (fiscal dishonesty) before Hashem would destroy the world. However, violating a single one of three is enough to make a sin egregious enough to be yeihareig ve’al ya’avor. (On the other hand, chamas isn’t murder.)

We took a detour when learning the 12th paragraph. (They are numbered on Sefaria, and therefore on the source sheet.) We compared the Maharal’s statement about how the world exists through the life it gets from Torah to Nefesh haChaim shaar 4. I hope to start this week’s shiur with a look at why I don’t think that’s so simple.

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