Rav Dessler: 25 Teves

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4 Responses

  1. The MME is an excellent resource for the study of Machashava, for many reasons. One is that the volumes become progressively more profound, thus bringing a reader from level to level.

  2. Neil Harris says:

    R Berger,
    Thank you for the post, as well as the list of your previous posted regarding R Dessler.

  3. micha says:

    As for RYGB’s observation… It may be for simple balebatishe reasons.

    R’ Carmel would naturally choose those writings with the greatest potential audience. That will lead to having the most fundmental material being in the first volume, the most fundamental of what’s left in the second, etc…


  4. Bob Miller says:

    Are we to equate “balebatishe” with “utilitarian” ? What editor or author would not consider the wants and needs of a published work’s intended audience?

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