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  1. Gavriel says:

    ” This should be a basic mussar cheshbon hanefesh exercise. I have looked a lot of places for this and couldn’t find answers. They all say just say no and go past it.”

    I didn’t quite understand what he meant by this. Was he saying that he has done cheshbon hanefesh and it hasn’t produced results?

    I don’t mean to ignore the wonderful idea’s you responded with but isn’t the beginning of all this work cheshbon hanefesh? That’s the whole point of sefer Cheshbon Hanefesh. That’s how you ‘train’ the nefesh beheimis.
    The beginning of the Mesillas Yesharim (Zehiurs) is all about that. You can debate the point but if we are to take the Mesillas Yesharim as our guide, the Ramchal very explicitly says that you cannot succeed or develop without doing a cheshbon both at set times and during the course of the day. [The chachamim (neviim) in the gan hamevucha teach “bo-u cheshbon” etc.]

    Simply put- how is someone supposed to “just do it” without knowing how they work and why they fail or succeed? Even the most beautiful idea’s and mussar shmoozen will just be forgotten.

    [We would still have to discuss what cheshbon hanefesh is, how to do it and what the goal is, but that’s a separate point.]

    • yitzi turner says:

      There is knowing yourself, the pros and cons, and how you act with them. There’s also understanding how one works, which is a chochma and art that most don’t know or understand.

      Take a computer. I can know how to work it, even know some shortcuts and tips. But I might necessarily know how to fix or program it.

      Training the body and working with both the neshama and guf is not simply cheshbon hanefesh. It’s fixing and reprogramming it!!! So we need a spiritual technician to guide us through it. To really understand how they work and interrelate.

  2. micha says:

    I return to cheshbon hanefesh lightly in the last paragraph. But really, I didn’t see the point of emphasizing an exercise the person writing to me said he is having a hard time succeeding with.

    In general principle, we agree, thought.

    I also gained from doing the opposite — not only keeping a cheshbon of where one is, but also have in writing where one wants to be. From a mission statement down to subgoals, and sub-subgoals… to whatever level of detail you need so that you can relate the path you’re trying to follow to the day’s decisions as they come up. See this post.

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